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Pet Chemotherapy

Help your pet live the life they deserve. 

If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, chemotherapy may be an option for them. At Valley Animal Hospital of Merced, our veterinary oncologist can discuss treatment options including chemotherapy or cancer surgery. Chemotherapy can slow the spread of cancer, shrink tumors prior to surgery, and buy precious time with terminally ill pets. 

We often see pets who have lumps and bumps that their owners worry may be cancer or lymphoma. We follow a specific protocol for the diagnosis and treatment of these cancers, with referral/consultation service with an oncologist as needed. For the peace of mind of our clients we can provide assurances that most pets tolerate chemotherapy very well, with few side effects and suffering. Unlike humans, pets often do not need anti-nausea treatment. 

How does chemotherapy work?

Chemotherapy drugs attack cancer cells in pets the same way they attack cancer cells in people. Protocols vary from pet to pet and are determined based upon the type of cancer, the stage of the cancer, the pet’s current health, and their medical history. Prior to starting chemotherapy, your veterinarian will go over your pet’s treatment options and discuss any potential side effects.

Administering a single dose of chemotherapy is relatively quick and easy. We offer both on-site injections and take-home oral medications. The number of chemotherapy treatments your pet will need is based upon the type of cancer they have, their response to treatment, and the specific treatment goals you and your veterinarian have created. Pets who go into remission will be able to taper off their treatments, but others may require chemotherapy for the remainder of their life. 

If you have questions about chemotherapy or would like to schedule a consultation, please call us at (209) 384-7387

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