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Avian & Exotic Pet Care

Care for nontraditional pets.

We have provided veterinary care for avian and exotic pets at Valley Animal Hospital for over 30 years. We have extensive experience caring for all types of birds, particularly in the psittacine or parrot family. Dr. McFadden carried an ABVP board certification for birds from 1995 to 2005. Dr. McFadden has 30 years of personal experience in breeding a variety of parrots (Lorikeets, Parottlets, African Greys, large Macaws, and Cockatoos), egg incubating, assisted hatching, and surgical sexing. She is a member of the American Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV) and the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA). 

We treat a broad variety of snakes, turtles and tortoises, iguanas and other lizards in the reptile family. Other common family pets are in the group “Pocket Pets”. 

The largest exotic we ever treated was an elephant from a travelling circus, but most of our patients are birds, reptiles, rabbits, and other “pocket pets.” We provide surgical, medical and dental care for the wild animal collection of Applegate Zoo: monkeys, bears, mountain lion, bobcats, foxes and deer. 

 Additional services our exotic pet vets offer include routine care, sick and injured care, and surgery. We would be glad to welcome your exotic pet as our patient and discuss any health concerns with you.

If you have questions about how we can help you best care for your nontraditional pet, call us at (209) 384-7387 to schedule a consultation.

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